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Mediation is an alternative means of dispute resolution, and is now encouraged by the courts and judicial system. The mediation will follow these stages:

1. Prior to the mediation itself, it is essential for the mediator to ensure that both parties wish to participate in the mediation.

2. The mediator will contact each party, often by telephone, to explain the process in detail and to understand each party's viewpoint.

3. On the day of the mediation itself, the process will be explained once again, and each party will have the opportunity of explaining the issues and desired outcomes.

4. The mediator will break to consider the issues at hand before reconvening the meeting and working with the parties to agree the key issues and common ground.

5. The mediator will facilitate a discussion around the key issues to identify jointly agreed resolution to these issues. During this part of the process it may be necessary for the mediator to call a break in the mediation in order to have individual discussions with one or both of the parties. This process will continue until an agreement has been reached by the parties and, most of the time, this will be reached within one day.

6. The agreements will be documented and signed by all parties.

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Mediation Services

"Less time, money and stress, BUT greater results"


Bowring Professional Services delivers a range of mediation services, specialising in Workplace mediation and conflict resolution, and our mediators are fully accredited with nationally recognised qualifications.

New laws encourage the use of mediation in preference to going to tribunals or the courts, and results shows that disputes can be resolved within one day, without incurring costly, and stressful, legal fees and court appearances.  As a result, the government, employers and the judicial system recognise mediation as one of the most efficient and cost effective ways of resolving conflicts and disputes.

Although we specialise in providing accredited mediation services in workplace mediation and related conflicts, we also provide expert services in other areas of mediation:

Workplace Mediation 
Family Mediation 
Community Mediation 
Family Placement Mediation 


What is mediation?

Workplace mediation benefits from having a completely independent mediator to resolve disputes between the company and employee(s), and helps to restore damaged relationships.

Family mediation involves the successful resolution of family disputes, separations, child custody / access battles, and agreeing the division of an estate’s assets.

Community mediation will resolve a variety of disputes between any combination of neighbours, local organisations and clubs, schools and general community conflicts.

Family placement mediation resolves specific issues relating to Care Orders, Fostering (including Family and Friends / Kinship Care) and Private Fostering, Special Guardianship Orders and Adoption. 

How does mediation work?

Mediation is seen, and commonly referred to, as an alternative means of dispute resolution (ADR), as opposed to the more recognised way of using the legal system.

Mediation is a process where both parties meet voluntarily, with the help of a neutral person known as the mediator, in order to resolve the dispute.

The mediator is present to assist both parties in their negotiations, and to arrive at, and agree a mutually acceptable resolution. It is important to recognise that the role of the mediator is not to suggest, or force, a solution onto the parties. The mediator will, at all times, develop a level of empathy and trust to encourage both parties to feel confident in both the process and the mediator.

The actual mediation is a non binding process until such time an agreement is reached and ratified by the parties, at which point it will become an enforceable contract.

One of the key benefits of a well conducted mediation, over the more recognised legal route, is to identify the underlying issues that have created the conflict and, in doing so, help to restore a peaceful existence for the parties involved.

Other recognised benefits are the speed of the dispute resolution (usually within a day), and significantly lower financial costs compared to those normally incurred using the legal route.

Finally, the mediation process is often referred to, by past clients, as being a more relaxed, and less threatening, environment than that of pursuing the case through the judicial system.

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