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I recently read the quote "you never forget someone who truly helps you", and Chris I will always remember you for how you have helped me.
You have helped provide the clarity and shape the options available to me in both my career and personal life.  I now face the future with renewed enthusiasm and confidence with the possibilities opened up to me.
You enabled me to have the confidence I lost through the redundancy process to actually continue with the applications and successfully  gain fulltime employment.
You have re-ignited the light at the end of the tunnel and it's got brighter as we have worked together.
An exceptional coach and I would highly recommend him to anyone I come into contact with.
Since I have been using Chris's services, I have progressed immensely as the leader of the company and, as a direct result of this work, I have begun to spend my time "on the business" rather than "in it".
Due to the success I have achieved through working with Chris, I decided to get another 14 employees in our company to work with him.  All, bar none, brim with enthusiasm after each of the sessions with him.


Outplacement and Business Consultancy

"Furthering your career, and improving your business"


On the back of an excellent reputation for delivering a very personal and high quality service, our career management and outplacement support has expanded to now provide comprehensive business consultancy services

Outplacement consultancy
Business consultancy

Outplacement consultancy services  are designed to help clients become better prepared in their abilities to market themselves more effectively and confidently.  By providing clear advice, guidance and structure, our clients are helped whether they are looking to :-

find a new job either before or after redundancy
change career direction
work towards a promotion
start up their own business or
plan for retirement

Since setting up originally in 2005, we have provided career advice, guidance and skills to over 1000 clients on either an individual (1:1) basis, or via training courses.  This may cover any, or all, of the identification of skills and achievements, CV writing, interview preparation, confidence building, targeting the unadvertised job market, particularly through networking, or identifying a clear and professional way to marketing oneself.

Our clients represent a complete cross section of professional and non professional backgrounds, from shop floor workers to corporate directors; from SME to FTSE 100 companies, and covering a geography throughout the UK, but predominantly across the south of England (including London) and the Channel Islands.

If you would like to find out more about what is involved and how we may help you, please call 07919-325183 or email  for a no obligation discussion.

Business consultancy services have expanded, as a direct result of recommendations and “word of mouth”.  Company owners, directors and business leaders, typically in the small to medium enterprise (SME) market, recognise the enormous value of an independent view of their businesses, including:

the setup, structure and organisation of their companies
discussing and/or resolving specific business, or business process issues
talent management, including resource requirements, recruitment, career management and appraisal.
long term strategic thinking and decision making
business development coaching for small businesses


With over 25 years of leadership and advisory experience gained primarily from working in a blue chip multi-national environment, providing services and support to both internal and external customers throughout the UK and Europe, Bowring Professional Services is able to provide that independent, yet professional input into your company.

If you would like to find out more about how we may be able to help you to create, modify, expand or streamline your organisation, please call 07919-325183 or email  for a no obligation discussion.